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Ronin Wallet: Setup your access to the wallet
Ronin is a non-custodial crypto wallet that let users send, receive, store, and swap tokens easily and securely. This wallet is available as a mobile and web wallet and you can easily find it on its official website. Read on to understand the way to set up your Ronin Wallet account and access it on a mobile or PC. As we informed you, Ronin is a non-custodial wallet and it allows you to set up your account without asking for your name, email, or any other detail.
Ronin let its user's trade ERC-20 and other cryptocurrencies securely. Once you finish setting up your wallet account, you can easily receive cryptocurrencies with the help of your wallet address. This wallet allows you to use it on both types of devices such as mobile or PC. So, without taking any extra minute, let’s move on to the next section to start setting up your wallet account on the Ronin Wallet app or browser extension.
How to download Ronin Wallet on mobile and PC?
You can easily find and download the Ronin app or browser extension by visiting the https://wallet.roninchain.com/ page. Now, if you are not sure, follow these steps to download Ronin Wallet on your mobile or PC:
1. Open a browser on your mobile or PC and reach to the search bar
2. Go to the https://wallet.roninchain.com/ page
3. From here, find and choose from ‘Ronin Mobile App’ or ‘Ronin Wallet Extension’
4. Now, tap on the browser extension or app to download them to your device
You can also download Ronin mobile app on your Android or iOS device by visiting the App or Play Store.
How to set up a new Ronin Wallet account?
You can easily set up your Ronin account if you have installed the app or extension on your mobile or PC browser. Now, follow the steps that are given below to set up your Ronin account:
1. Get to the Ronin Wallet app or browser extension and open them
2. Now, choose the ‘Create Wallet’ option from the home page
3. When asked, choose a password and then repeat it in the respective field
4. After that, get to the seed phrase details and note down them on a piece of paper
5. If you are asked, confirm the seed phrase by entering them in the correct order
6. Finally, reach the ‘Finish’ button and click on it to finish the account setup
Easy steps for Ronin Wallet log in
You can easily access the Ronin account with the help of the password details. Now, if you have the password, approach the steps that are stated below to login into Ronin Wallet account:
1. Open the Ronin app or browser extension on your device
2. Now, get to the password field and type the password correctly
3. Before clicking the ‘Unlock’ button, ensure to recheck the details
4. Finally, you are logged in to your Ronin wallet and ready to manage your cryptos
How to access Ronin Wallet without a password?
1. Based on the type of your device, open the Ronin App or browser extension
2. Now, click ‘Use Secret Recovery’ to proceed to the next page
3. After that, enter the Ronin recovery seed phrase details carefully
4. Now, choose a new password, repeat it and then click the ‘Recover’ button
To sum up, Ronin is a secured crypto wallet that comes with a user-friendly interface. People who are new at Ronin may be asked to set up their wallet accounts to start managing the crypto funds. For your help, we have mentioned the quick steps above on this page that will surely help you to install setup, access, and recover Ronin Wallet most easily.
Last modified 10mo ago